Church Notices


Minister; Rev Christopher Wood-Archer

Tel; 01642310562

Welcome to Grove Hill Methodist Church .

A Happy New Year.  As we tread cautiously into 2022, we really don’t know what is going  to happen. Many of us had hoped by now we would be in to normal times, but this is not the case. We can only trust in God who is with us through all things.

We don’t know what is going to happen and this newsletter  assumes we will continue to meet and worship. Please remember that if we do have to suspend services, you can contact me on 07836367843 or if you need anything, or if you need a minister, Christopher’s details are above.

JANUARY;  Our services are at 11:00 and last between 30 and 45 minutes. Please wear a mask in church. Our Sunday School, Steps and Strides, meets every Sunday except the first in the month which (apart from January) will be a Family Service. Please stay behind after the service for Fellowship if you wish to do so.

January 2nd  Rev Christopher will preach and this will be our annual Covenant Service. Steward will be Carole

January 9th Dave or Charity will preach. Steward will be Dave

January 16th Ruth Taylor will preach. Steward will be Yvonne

January 23rd Rev Christopher will preach. Steward will be Carole

January 30th Ron Mapplebeck will preach. Steward will be Dave.

Notices are read by the Steward each Sunday, if you want anything announcing, please contact Dave by the Saturday.

Painting; Our friend Malcolm will begin painting the Entrance hall on January 10th. Our various groups have been informed. Remember the cost of this work and the decoration of the hall has been paid for from the generous donation of £1000 from one of our members


Men’s Fellowship  will meet on Thursday January 27th at 7pm when we will have our annual Communion service led by Rev Christopher.

Saturday January 29th, come and share a Faith lunch and then time for a quiz, some games maybe a Sing Song. This will start at 12pm and finish at 2pm, everyone welcome.

STEWARDS; Dave Yvonne and Carole are here for you, should you need us.  Keep safe and keep praying.  Dave.

If you have notices for Sunday mornings